Healthy Materials For Interior, Furniture & Exhibition Solutions

ECOR enables you to deliver unique people and planet friendly solutions for your company or your clients.

What is ECOR?

ECOR is a composite material (an alloy) formed from cellulose fibers, pressure, water and heat. The raw panels can be made from residuals such as old paper, cardboard, coffee ground, hemp, cotton, paddy straw or any type of plant material.

Ok, so why ECOR?


ECOR has reduced costs for materials, logistics, installation & recycling


ECOR outperforms traditional materials including wood, mdf, particleboard, cardboard and foam for strength to weight , spanning and does not splinter


The premier material certified Cradle-to-Cradle for use in the built environment to embody the design principles of the Circular Economy for building products, construction, interior design, furniture and beyond.


Recommended by the Pharos Healthy Building Network as a healthy material, free of toxic chemicals and harmful VOCs

ECOR is also the sustainable choice — check out ECOR's certifications.

Want to join our team?

We’re currently hiring! The below positions are all still available.
Definitely reach out if you feel so inclined!


Senior Project Manager

To manage and be responsible for the fulfilment of a manufacturing project at our Seacore site in
Venlo (the Netherlands). The Seacore project will have a full-time experienced technical team and
construction staff, together with several outside contractors. All long-lead time equipment has been
ordered for delivery in April and May. The projects is expected to be ready for mechanical completion
and startup testing in June/July.


SAles Manager

(Dutch required) 

Als Sales Manager ben je verantwoordelijk voor de verkoop van ECOR producten en, in mindere mate, diensten van de R&D. Je werkt nauw samen met Business Development en met de Marketing & Communicatie.


SAles Representative

(Dutch required) 

Als Sales Representative (verkoop binnendienst) vervul je een veelzijdige rol binnen het verkoopteam. Concreet
ondersteun jij het verkoopteam bij het juist afwikkelen van orders en de verslaglegging daarvan, je stemt dagelijks aanbod en verkoop op elkaar af en bewaakt en signaleert knelpunten. Je bent servicegericht en bent als geen ander in staat om de bestaande administratieve processen op een goede wijze in te vullen en waar nodig verder te optimaliseren.

Why go for ECOR?

Inspired by nature, ECOR is versatile and offers you an elegant and innovative way to harness the power of cellulose. This natural binder combined with our technology enables you to design and deliver unique furniture, interior or exhibition solutions.
ECOR empowers you to:

(Exhibition Booth by AVERY DENNISON)

(Design Lamp “FRED” by Tjalle En Jasper)

More info?

The most efficient way to find out if ECOR is a match is by getting in touch with us. 

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