AGREEN’s No Time To Waste


There is no time to Waste!
Our generation is facing global issues that cannot be ignored any longer. There is a need to become active to create change, one step at a time.

Beach clean-ups, circular economy, and zero waste lifestyle are just some examples to make our planet more sustainable. This seminar will give you an insight into creative projects, companies and initiatives that are involved in making our world more sustainable.

During the event you will receive tips; tricks on how to minimalize your waste, and learn about the various forms of waste solutions. Take place at the interactive seminar and listen to inspiring pioneers and speakers. See you then, we guarantee it won’t be a waste of time! 

About AGREEn

AGREEn is a young student organization that bridges the gap between the latest scientific knowledge and sustainability issues of companies, education and government institutions. Energetic students work together on a sustainable future with the motto: “Students for sustainable solutions”.

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