ISWA Beacon Conference Singapore


This international event with a regional focus will be hosted by the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS). WMRAS is a National Member of ISWA, created in 2001 to promote waste reduction, recycling, reuse and recovery; and create public awareness of the waste management and recycling industry as well as environmental and industry concerns. To advance the scientific, technical and practical aspects of waste management and recycling.

Jointly organised by WMRAS and ISWA, the 2-day conference will discuss topics relating to Integrated Waste Management Infrastructure, Circular Economy, Digitalisation and Waste-to-Energy with a focus on the Asian Region. The event will comprise of two days of expert presentations and case studies from ISWA working groups, an industry dinner, and site visits. Also including a presentation by ECOR’s Sann Carrière on Food Waste Validation Using ECOR.

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