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DSM-Niaga is a joint venture between the start-up company Niaga and global material science company DSM. We are super proud to have them in our community of practice.

DSM-Niaga’s ambition is to redesign manufacturing and material use in everyday products, so they become fully recyclable in an economically feasible way. This group of re-designers started with carpet.

By radical reduction of material complexity, and applying a reversible adhesive in production, they have developed a way to make carpet perform better and make it fully recyclable at the same time.

Collaboration DSM-Niaga and ECOR

During an acceleration workshop of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 program is where the first contact between Ecor and DSM took place.

At this time DSM was exploring new applications for their product redesign technology, after bringing a circular carpet manufacturing technology to market. ECOR was triggered by the reversible adhesion technology that was part of DSM-Niaga’s solutions.

“Both DSM-Niaga and Ecor have high ambitions to create a circular economy by redesigning products, and our brand promises are well aligned. So we asked ourselves, what if we combine Ecor panels with DSM’s Niaga assemble-to-disassemble technology? That’s why we started experimenting with Ecor. Both technologies were combined and tested in diverse product applications, like assembly of furniture and displays. After some rapid prototyping we obtained proof of concept.

Ecor has a deep knowledge about the circular economy, the pulp industry in general, and how to convert waste cellulose fibers into versatile panels. The Ecor team also has the ability to focus and to prototype really fast in an open innovation setting. These capabilities combined with the new Ecor R&D facility in The Netherlands make them an excellent innovation partner for us.”

– Henk-Jan Udding, Director Novel Applications at DSM-Niaga.

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