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EKOTEX Wandafwerking b.v. is the distributor of Graphenstone in the Benelux, a range of sustainable lime-based paints and materials that include graphene.

We are proud to have EKOTEX and Graphenstone in our community of practice. Graphenstone took the concept of natural paints to a whole new level. Their paint solution is completely made from all natural elements, improves air quality, it’s durable, antibacterial, prevents mould and it’s even insect repellent. Impressive right? It gets even better. Not only is the mining of the raw materials and production of the paint climate neutral, the paint also absorbs CO2. Just like a tree.

Three 15-litre buckets of Graphenstone paint absorb more than 10Kg of CO2, this is the same amount an adult tree weighing 250kg would absorb in one year of growth (source).

Collaboration with ECOR

Graphenstone came to the conclusion that the sustainability performance of their products depends on the sustainability performance of the surface on which their products are used.

Because the Graphenstone product range is Cradle to Cradle certified they started looking for compatible innovation partners who share their vision regarding healthy materials and sustainable products.

Enter ECOR.

“When I got the first ECOR panel swatches I couldn’t imagine how this could be useful for our product range and value proposition. But surely soon enough the potential of this partnership dawned on me. Collaboration with ECOR was and is always a pleasure, we have the same goals and it’s remarkable to see how technologically driven and creative they are in finding solutions. So far the collaboration with ECOR has resulted in a burst of innovation within our company. We are looking forward to new projects and collaborations with ECOR and her community of practice”

– Victor Franke, EKOTEX Wandafwerking b.v.

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