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ECOR’s Community of Craftsmen is presenting Lichtzwaard, a small family company that offers a laser- cutting and -engraving service, using the best CO2 laser machine (Trotec Speedy 300) of its type.

They produce a wide range of products/designs for a wide range of clients (Architects, machine manufacturers, designs studios, government agencies and students) and create exclusive wall decorations.


“ECOR is an Environmental Composite Panel formed from the conversion of abundant cellulose fiber, pressure, and heat. How cool is that? No use of synthetic wax and/or resin binder. The best part is that this green alternative is super strong. As an example: We use the same amount of laser power with ECOR 2,5mm, as we do with Birch Plywood 5mm!”,

Cliff Pulles associate / craftsman at Lichtzwaard.

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