ECOR-based Circular Fashion at the PrinjesHatwalk 2019

Local designer and former ECOR employee, Mariëlle van der Schrier, was allowed to present her new hat designs at the sustainability themed PrinsjesHatwalk in The Hague this year. Mariëlle presented 16 different hats and other headgear from her new collection, most of which is knit. One of them was made using ECOR and is completely cradle-to-cradle, making it one of the first ECOR-based circular fashion items. To optimize her use of materials, a special knitting technique by Nicoline Reinders was used which enabled her to knit her hats without leaving residual materials. She also designed a biodegradable rain hat coated with bee’s wax to repel water. The hats are visible at her atelier Hart et Circulair in Venlo.

Check out the full Dutch story and an interview: here

Or watch the interview in the video below!

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