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Malou ter Horst Circulair Interior – and Product Design

ECOR’s Community of Designers is presenting Malou ter Horst, a designer who creates interiors and products that make less impact on the climate to make more impact on the world of tomorrow. Malou studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU). Through a variety of experiences in very different work environments, Malou decided to dedicate her career to Circulair Interior design and Product Development. With great pleasure she works as a consultant and ambassador for a healthy planet.

“Furniture and spaces that feel good and have been designed with the end in mind. That motivates and inspires me”


My journey led via studies at a fashion school, to fine art and scenography into the film and television industry. The all consuming attitude of these industries opened my eyes. I started to devour everything I could read and experience about what the circular economy should be. That sparked the flame to now fully dedicate my work to the development of circular interiors and interior products. I am now working on a modular floor tile made out of harvested wood from the local building industry combined with Ecor and DSM NIAGA’s circular adhesive. Currently the Hybrid ‘transition product’ version of the tile is available.


Products and Designs by Malou Ter Horst

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