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Pim Dekkers Contemporary Design

ECOR’s Community of Designers is presenting Pim Dekkers, a cabinetmaker who learned his profession at the famous Rotterdam college for artisan cabinet makers (HMC). Through various studies in very different areas, Pim decided to switch his career at the time into one dedicated to product development and -design. Pim Dekkers now owns his own furniture design label mainly geared towards design furniture in which there is a smooth collaboration between state of the art production techniques and latest materials.

“At first I fell in love with ECOR’s smooth surface, it feels almost like a fabric, Immediately I wanted to work with it, transforming it into a furniture piece”, Pim notes.

I call myself a reinvented designer. After various studies in furniture making, facilities management and organizational studies (human behavior within organizations, social faculty) in the Netherlands and abroad, I have quit my corporate job. I found myself struggling to conform to whatever role I was in. For an extensive period I had a hard time acknowledging that what I really wanted in life is to experiment much more then I was doing.

Experiment with techniques, relationships, materials, consensuses, contrasts and contradictions. I want to wonder around and find meaning and fundament, solely based on my observations. After all, what is life worth without wonder? To investigate ones environment, one can only understand himself.

It is the continues and uncontrollable search to what is hiding deep inside which makes me continue what I do. I work solely on the basis of my intuition which enhances personal and professional development very fast. Ever new opportunities to let the world see what I am made of. I hope to share great projects which I have started with a few partners and front runners in circular semifinished products, all together closing the loop from bio-waste-stream to bio-waste-stream.

To prove that biodegradable but timeless design blend together seamlessly.


Products by Pim Dekkers
Jeremy Croes

ECOR Dresser by Pim Dekkers

ECOR Dresser by Pim Dekkers Why Ecor “At first I fell in love with the material, its smooth surface feels almost like a fabric, Immediately I wanted to work with it, transforming it into a furniture piece”, Pim notes. Knowing

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