Zark Marketing Heroes

Designbureau Zark takes companies, with Ecor as a base material, to hero status with their green TransVormer. These illustrative heroes are special tools and help reinforce marketing concepts.
Circular resources take shape and become circular design heroes.
They are extremely suitable for deployment in marketing campaigns, as a host at the entrance of an organization or event, or for increasing the attractivity of an exhibition stand.

Different thicknesses FlatCOR were cut and glued to shape heroes, with the added property of being a lamp. They signify the heroes of specific workplaces such as the doctors of a hospital. They are to increase the perception of hospitality of the environment by displaying fun facts or welcoming messages.

Zark is selling the ones from the picture for decorative purposes, though he also makes customised ones. For example to display certain messages on an event as an alternative to cardboard cutout standees or signs.

What type of hero best fits your (green) identity? 

Zark’s contact details are on his website: 

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