Follow the Fibers,

enabling your Circular Economy ambitions!

ECOR  =  Enabling  |  co-Creation  |  co-Operation  |  co-Responsibillity

Although the Fibers are our real heroes, of course it is those people  following the fibres who form our communities and enable a multi-stakeholder cooperation; safe, accepted and supported – based upon material applications that support the integrity, reutilization and viability of the used cellulose fibers and mutual agreed upon quality.

Fibers do not become waste after a functional life in nature. They travel on and explore, naturally finding new functions to be of value and give viability to our planet. We elevate those fibers that due to their human given functionality will end up as waste, redefine their purpose and enable them to shape the circular economic ambitions of our partners.


Research & Development


Defining waste as a resource for the right alloy or mixture of fibres to form customised ECOR panels for the agreed upon design assignment is what makes the ECOR Technology the circular economy enabler and ECOR the material of choice for industrial partners to co-operate in finding applications and finishings that support the concept of waste equals food.


Community of Designers


More and more designers are discovering the versatile design opptunities with ECOR panels that can be designed to conform to virtually any shape. Most important; it has been characterised as being “Natures Composite”, by architect William McDonough. 


Community of Craftsmen


Use standard tools and equipment to cut, rout, drill and laser etch ECOR. It doesn’t splinter or split, and it contains zero formaldehydes and other harmful chemicals so you don’t have to worry about inhaling any nasty stuff. It also loves to stick to things! Glues, paints, resins and more! Use ECOR friendly adhesives to bond ECOR to wood, fiber and plastic materials. Read about our of community craftsmen and their experience with ECOR!


Ecor Europe



At ECOR in this age of a network economy we truly believe in the entrepreneur within the enterprise. All extraordinary talents and experienced pioneers, passioned in enabling your circular economy ambitions.


Co-Responsibillity within our different communities will be defined in, and executed trough, the willingness to align with a commonly agreed upon list of environmental criteria, safe guarding our present achieved technology solutions. Defining and designing cradle to cradle applicable and certifiable products as material sources that will be accepted and trusted to be a first cradle and multiplier for the next.

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