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Noble Environmental Technologies

ECOR = Enabling co-Creativity, co-Operation, co-Responsibility

NOBLE offers a ‘small batch’ service to large enterprises and manufacturers who wish to engage in the circular economy by prototyping an ECOR-based solution. This process starts with converting a small batch of their waste stream, from general operations or manufacturing, into ECOR-panels. This ECOR is then fabricated into materials or products best suited for either short-term material needs or to test viability for long-term and regular product development needs. To date, this small batch service has resulted in a range of panels created from waste including coffee grounds, spent beer hops, denim lint, synthetic shoe leather, textiles, coconut husks, lavender, old books, Tetra Pak packaging and even baseball bats. These panels have then been used to make retail graphics, trade show displays, bookshelves, office furniture, cubicles, decorative walls, hangers, and coasters.

NOBLE has engaged in product design collaborations with several leading manufacturers. The company has a strong interest in exploring synergy with or collaborating on product designs with manufacturers of building products, consumer goods, furniture, and fixtures. By contributing their waste towards the manufacturing of the ECOR they plan to use, the process offers Cradle-to-Cradle certified alternatives to manufacturers’ existing products and enables designers a stronger, lighter-weight and less costly material to manufacture future-proof products.

ECOR represents the future of sustainability and green building; it begins as a waste-to-product manufacturing process and results in high-performance, sustainable and healthy building materials, which uniquely enables the circular economic principles of starting with waste resources and enablement of recycling at the end of a product’s life cycle. ECOR is made of 100% recycled cellulose fibres locally sourced from urban, farm and forest waste materials, is completely free of toxins and VOCs, is C2C compliant and is certified bronze in a first alloy. ECOR is solely made with water, pressure and heat whilst offering an advanced design, great performances and versatile design opportunities.

Recognising the embrace of the circular economy by leading companies and their demonstrated interest in ECOR technology in Europe, as well as the support of regional municipalities and important change-makers, NOBLE plans to invest heavily in ‘ELF’s: regional ECOR Living Factories. To kick start this development, a Global R&D Facility and a fast-prototyping lab are planned for launch in 2017 in Venlo, The Netherlands with regional facilities expected soon after throughout the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and beyond.


The integrity and objective to obtain defined material flows by applying a commonly agreed upon and transparent set of environmental criteria describing the final goal of environmental optimisation as well as the achieved status by all partners is the basis for our vision; 

Enabling co-Creativity, co-Operation, co- Responsibility.

Within a dynamic network of experts that actively support the envisioned mission from a separable functionality yet respecting each other’s expertise to ensure reliable implementation of ECOR as a constructive and decorative “Best Choice” product:

From a well-defined first Cradle, as an effective multiplier to the next.

The potential of ECOR® technology can best be explained with the metaphor of a bird’s nest.

Every spring birds collect little twigs and cellulose matter and build a nest. This nest is a beautiful architectural structure and provides shelter for the bird’s family. After raising the young offspring, in a late autumn storm, the nest is blown away and the twigs return to nature. Becoming fruition for the soil.

ECOR® technology lays the fibers in perfect order to form a panel that after use can return to nature.

Accelerating the Circular Economy

Recognizing the embrace of the circular economy in Europe, as well as substantial funding commitments by the European Commission, NOBLE has invested heavily in expanding the European presence. NOBLE is a proud member of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation the CE100. NOBLE Environmental Benelux is, in order to meet current and anticipated market demand, planning the launch of a global R&D Facility with a fast prototyping lab in The Netherlands in 2017. With regional production facilities expected soon after throughout the Netherlands, United Kingdom and beyond, where we will convert local waste streams into ECOR panels which find their off-take in the form of custom made products for the provider of the specific waste streams.

The economic heart of Europe.

Based in the City of Venlo, The Netherlands, we are located in the Blue Banana. The Blue Banana is a spatial-economic concept. It outlines a multinational European megalopolis, which includes several different metropolises of (Western) European states. Roughly starts the Blue Banana in the agglomerations of Milan and Turin, and ends at the areas in the West Midlands of Britain, separated by the other agglomerations of the Randstad, the Flemish Diamond and the Ruhr. In other words, this is the economic heart of Europe.

Cradle to Cradle in the Venlo Region

Venlo sees C2C as an economically innovative principle with the highest possible form of sustainability as a result. The region plans to grow to become the C2C Valley.

By embracing the C2C principles, the Venlo region intends to 

  • realise economic growth,
  • raise the education level of the (working) population
  • stimulate innovation
  • attract investments

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