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Barend Post

Non-Executive Supervisory Board

Barend Post is an experienced lawyer and strategic legal consultant operating at the crossroads of various disciplines: legal, fiscal, financial, and commercial. Thanks to his extensive experience, he thinks and works across the board and from this perspective provides chain management and stakeholder and project management. Drawing on up-to-date knowledge of contract law, business law, financial law, real estate, and collaboration with others.
Barend Post has worked as equity partner at the finance & structuring section of AKD for over 15 years. Here a significant share of his work pertained to the healthcare, sustainable energy, and real estate sectors. He was also involved with administrative law and real estate at Stibbe, business law in a broad sense at Houthoff Buruma, and unit trusts, quotations, and securities law at Wouters Advocaten/Andersen Legal. During recent years, Barend Post was frequently involved with initiatives and projects in whose contexts the creation of social impact plays a key role.

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