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Bas Holla

Circular Economy Business Development

Bas Holla is an entrepreneur with a combination of technical, commercial and people skills. Positive attitude and a firm believer in Circular Economy and the paradigms of Cradle to Cradle in order to contribute to the change the way we design, make and use stuff (good instead of less bad).

These skills and experience in the built environment makes Bas the Circular Economy Business Developer for the built environment and for managing the design and construction of ELF’s.

“Having developed the ECOR Research & Development Centre that contributes highly on the development of ECOR out of all possible cellulose fibers and prove these alloys can be made, my next goal and ambition is to manage creating the first EU ECOR Living Factory, to be operable by the beginning of 2020 in The Netherlands.

Overall I am devoted to develop the ECOR business in the built environment, for this is the space we live in and I want to contribute to a healthy and VOC-free living environment.”


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