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Eric Logtens

Corporate Director Circular Economy,

CEO Europe

With an educational background in ergonomics and human behavioural change mr. Logtens became one of the first entrepreneurs to embrace the Cradle to Cradle design protocol and management tools in 2002. For multinationals he developed new routes to market, participated in design teams for C2C product development, and brought to market new USP’s and business models since then.

In 2007 he founded the first full operational lease firm in the office furniture industry where the change from sales of products transitioned into the service of comfort and availability.

This company proved the financial model for transforming “Total Cost of Ownership” into “Earning by Usership”. By building this company with a true Circular Economy mind set and DNA he went on a quest for better materials which can be kept in endless “User Cycles”. He learned about the technological innovation ECOR.

“ECOR technology is the Enabler for others to achieve their Circular Economy ambitions.

We establish communities of designers, craftsmen and partners who, in a multi stakeholder collaboration develop local ECOR solutions and applications. With local, closed loop waste stream cycles defined, we can scale up to our ECOR Living Factories where we convert these waste streams into panels and products which can be sold regional or international. I’m proud to be part of that!”

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