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Gerrit Bruggeman

Board room advisor

My mission is to guide organizations towards a sustainable & circular future with the Cradle to Cradle vision. A vision which empowers us all to live in a world with healthy, renewable products, clean water & energy and social fairness. I believe we need to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the planet in order to reshape our future.

As a board room advisor I support leading companies in their transformation to a sustainable future, addressing the mindset, leadership & culture and strategy to create momentum for a joint effort with major stakeholders to fundamentally re-invent products, ingredients, processes, water, energy and especially social fairness.

In working for organizations with great ambitions in sustainability like the Cradle to Cradle Institute, H&M, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry ( MBDC), Royal Auping, Delta Development Group, Van Houtum and many others I am experiencing that the transition towards sustainability leads to greater passion and pride, while boosting the bottom line at the same time. In working with people I treasure integrity, honesty, authenticity and respect.

Specialties: Cradle to Cradle, Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Change Management, Design, International Business.

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