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Navied Tavakolly

Circular Economy Business Development

A MSc degree in mechanical engineering combined with a degree as a Mathematics teacher provided Navied deep knowledge on material properties, systems thinking, logistics, manufacturing processes and the necessary skills to communicate them. These proved to be necessary elements when building new circular business opportunities.

Over the past few years Navied worked in various ecosystems, all aiming to accelerate the circular economy transition, such as Netherlands Circular Hotspot, Valley and Powered by Meaning. As business developer for the circular economy effort of ECOR Europe, Navied will activate and enable organizations to become a part of the circular economy. His expertise; building new innovation networks that co-create circular economy solutions using ECOR technology.

“In the previous years we have proven the technical feasibility of ECOR panels (we can make them) and we have proven the commercial feasibility of ECOR panels (we can manufacture them at competitive prices and there is a market demand). Next year I want to prove the concept of co-development of an ECOR Living Factory so we can enable all companies with circular ambitions and residual fiber streams to contribute and thrive in a circular economy.”

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