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Ricardo Weigend

Circular Economy Business Development

Ricardo obtained a Master’s degree in Management and Corporate Sustainability from Cranfield University in 2014 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from ITESM Campus Monterrey. Ricardo collaborates with ECOR as a business developer in the UK and Mexico, to enable companies transform their cellulose fiber waste into valuable applications using ECOR’s technology.  Ricardo is also doing a PhD on Circular Economy in the Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier University, where he is part of the Resource Efficient Built Environment Lab.

“ECOR will have a worldwide presence in the mid-term and as now is changing the way companies do business in specific regions. I want to contribute with ECOR to influence in complete sectors such as the Building and FMCG globally. I expect with this great multicultural and multidisciplinary team to accomplish a great social, environmental and economical positive impact by implementing Circular Economy principles.”

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