ECOR As A Viable Alternative Material To Plastics – Ocean Litter No More

During the G20 Japan/EU 2019 Joint Networking on Marine Plastic Litter in Tokyo, Japan, our own Sann Carriere presented ECOR as a viable alternative to combat marine plastic litter. 

Sann presenting at the G20 2019

The purpose of this event (held on October 8th 2019) was to provide technical contributions to G20 members’ activities to address marine plastic litter, by specifying challenges on the scientific knowledge and discussing of promotion framework, including innovative solution for marine plastic litter. 

Furthermore, to introduce activities in the Business Sectors to the G20 Officials and provide an opportunity to facilitate exchange and cooperation amongst them.

The ECOR technology can convert any kind of fiber waste (industrial, agricultural, urban) into high-density fiber boards. These bio-based, toxic free and cost-effective structural panels can be used in a wide array of circular solutions or applications for packaging, signage, displays, furniture or interior products. 

This poses a HUGE opportunity to design out the use of single-use plastics into everyday products.

Want to see some great examples of ECOR use cases? Please go here: 

Sann presenting ECOR In Japan

Background G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue

The G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue was established in 2017 under the chairmanship of Germany. Following this, in 2018, the second meeting of the dialogue was held under the chairmanship of Argentina, also bringing together representatives of international organizations, companies, academic societies and other entities. 

At the G20 Osaka Summit meeting held in June 2019, the leaders requested the dialogue to formulate a roadmap on resource efficiency.

At the summit meeting, the leaders reiterated the issue of marine plastic litter and agreed on the Osaka Blue Ocean Vision, a goal shared by G20 countries of reducing additional pollution by marine plastic litter to zero by 2050. 

Taking this opportunity, the responsible ministers held a ministerial meeting and agreed on the establishment of the G20 Implementation Framework for Actions on Marine Plastic Litter. 

This is a framework under which G20 countries share and update information on their respective measures toward the achievement of the vision. It also promotes measures and policies related to such litter through mutual education on this issue based on the best practices. 


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