ECOR is part of the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Design Directory (C2CDD)

Our friends from 540 WORLD launched the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Design Directory (C2CDD), in which they were kind enough to include ECOR. The directory is a story, a family, a PR tool, a sales vehicle, a circular economy guidebook and a workhorse. Designed with the aim to disrupt linear economy thinking and firmly put Cradle to Cradle on the world stage giving consumers access to the world of Cradle to Cradle.

540 WORLD aims to contribute significantly to the reversal of negative linear economy trends (180 ͦ change) and simultaneously drive forward the circular economy (360 ͦ aim). This 180 plus 360 (540) vision aims to establish Cradle to Cradle as the recognised “gold standard” not only in material health, but as first choice for consumers. They aim to drive forward a materials revolution future! This underpins why they have established 540 WORLD, to tackle Global Circular Economy Projects with a focus on Cradle to Cradle as a brand, C2C manufacturer support in terms of marketing, positioning, media, design and product development, all to first-class brand level.

At the event, 540 WORLD experienced an immense interest in the C2CDD and quickly became one of the most crowded stands in their area. They then quickly realised that there was very little awareness about C2C and C2C initiatives in the UK and as a result received many requests for copies and updates on the directory.
As a response to all the interest that the parties that visited them have shown at the event and afterwards, the next printing of the C2CDD will be in the first quarter of 2020, potentially around the time of FUTUREBUILD 2020. For which both ECOR and 540 WORLD have been invited as best-placed lead innovation partners.

Link to 540 WORLD:

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the 2 founding members of 540 WORLD who make the Cradle to Cradle directory
Paul Capel & Brendon Rowen, 540 WORLD Founding Partners, with Ruedi Bleiker from Bauwerk Parkett and Andrew Saville from Magna Glaskeramic.
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