ECOR, Niaga And The Embassy of Sustainable Design Demonstrate How To Future-Proof Everyday Products At The Dutch Design Week 2019

Come and join us during the Dutch Design Week 2019 (19 – 27 October). We have partnered up with Niaga and The Embassy of Sustainable Design to beat material complexity. You can find us in the main exhibition area of the Innovation Powerhouse (TR Building). There we can show you how we are future-proofing everyday stuff by making them radically more people and planet friendly.

With global raw material use growing at twice the rate of the population growth (source: OECD) and driven by a take-make-waste design philosophy, current economic models are not sustainable.

We firmly believe that we have to start future-proofing everyday products by making them radically healthier for people and planet.

The same kind of thinking that got us here is not going to help us achieve sustainability. We can start by radically questioning the way in which we have been designing our everyday stuff.

In our community of sustainable designers and craftsmen there is a common frustration: material complexity.

Material complexity makes it nearly impossible to create viable cases for developing products in such a way that they can be fully recycled back into materials with the original virgin qualities.

Material complexity is therefore a major barrier slowing down the transition towards a circular economy.

Let’s Beat Complexity

Today’s challenge is the reversal of material complexity in our everyday products. Modular design that makes optimal use of materials’ intrinsic beauty is the way forward.

Honoring materials’ essential qualities makes sense as it serves all of us and our shared future. It is about making full recyclability a proven reality and a matter of choice – one that designers and consumers alike are keen to embrace.

Societal actors such as businesses, governments, knowledge institutions and citizens all have major roles to play in this transition. This includes YOU.

We invite urge you to start asking the right material-related questions:

• What materials are in it?
• Is product to product recycling possible after use?

Enter The Embassy of Sustainable Design

The Embassy of Sustainable Design brings companies, knowledge institutions and designers together in an atmosphere of openness and transparency. Together with Niaga, we partnered with the embassy because they offer the perfect platform with allies to beat material complexity.

During the Dutch Design Week 2019 (19 – 27 October) we are going to exhibit real life use cases, proving that it is possible to beat material complexity and future-proof everyday products.

Come And Visit Us During The Dutch Design Week 2019

During the Dutch Design Week 2019 you can find us in the main exhibition area of the Embassy of Sustainable Design, located in the Innovation Powerhouse (TR Building). We will be there promoting our latest joint innovation with Niaga.

Together with Niaga we developed the Niaga-Ecor Panels (NEP). These revolutionary panels are fully recyclable and healthier alternatives for particleboard, MDF and other panel materials which can be used in industries such as building & construction, furniture, interior decoration and displays.

You can also find us, including more examples of ECOR and NEP applications, on the 6th floor of the TQ building (next to the TR building).

Come and help us beat complexity or at least see how we are doing it.
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