Mapping the World of Circular Economy

A story of three continents!

Last February and March, three of our ECOR Circular Economy Business Developer participated in Circular Mapping Week organized by the Circular Economy Club (CEC)*. Covering three different locations around the world (Singapore, Amsterdam and Mexico City) they have gained some interesting insights in the current phase of the circular economy transitions**.

The various aims of the circular mapping week were;

  • to advance the circular economy framework;
  • that all who are passionate about circular economy could meet each other;
  • to share who is doing what;
  • to share what is working and what is not.

During the sessions, there was an introduction to the concept of circular economy to make sure that all participants understood the same as a definition of circular economy. Afterwards, the main activity of the event took place. The participants were divided in groups of 4 to 5 people and they started to map the circular economy initiatives in grids, divided by sectors and categories.


In Mexico our business developer Ricardo Weigend, volunteered to organize the first public Circular Economy event in the country on March 13th. This was held in the famous Reforma Torre Latino tower in Mexico City, where over 80 professional participated and contributed to map more than 30 circular economy initiatives. Ricardo Weigend: “We are proud to collaborate directly with three of those initiatives, in the FMCG sector and the built environment and delighted to see how the concept of circular economy is being understood and implemented rapidly.”


The same approach was taken in Singapore, where our business developer Sann Carrière attended the session as a circular economy expert.  On February 8th, the Ideas Hub at United World College hosted the country’s first CEC Circular Economy Mapping Event. Over 70 professionals discussed circular economy initiatives taking place in Singapore and brainstormed future projects. Sann Carrière: “We are excited to see that Circular Economy in Singapore is on the rise. We are now at a stage that stakeholders use sustainability and circular economy in the same fashion, context and meaning. However, regarding the immense focus, enthusiasm and diverse background of the participants, we expect the Circular Economy to catch up with European levels within the next two years.”


In the Netherlands, our business development Navied attended the Amsterdam mapping session which was hosted by Circle Economy. Approximately 40 participants came up with an astonishing number of over 100 different circular economy initiatives. Navied Tavakolly: “With its innovative mindset and collaborative culture the Netherlands is rapidly transforming into a living lab for circular innovation. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to open our R&D Center in Venlo. With the 2050 circular economy roadmap launched by the Dutch government circular economy is becoming a board room topic. These are the first signs of a circular economy becoming mainstream in the Netherlands.”


ECOR actively supports events that contribute to creating awareness around the concept of circular economy. With the same purpose in mind we like to show tangible examples on opportunities for circular economy implementation.
Next week we will host the CE100 companies, members of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in our Venlo´s R&D facility.
This is another great opportunity for companies to see in practice how circular economy projects are being executed, create synergies and launch more initiatives that next year could be mapped around the world, that generate economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity.

*CEC is the international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 60 countries.

**In a couple of weeks all the information gathered in Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore and all the other countries will be public in CEC webpage.


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