Meet our team

Paola Rojas

Circular economy
business development

Adaptable, highly motivated,  passionate, problem-solver,  business management, supply chain, sustainability, circular economy

Navied Tavakoly

circular economy
Business DEVELOPMent

Activator and enabler, systems thinking, logistics, manufacturing, co-development, innovation network builder, highly motivated, circular economy

Rebecca Luten

ecor europe

Driven, passionate, pragmatic, researcher, sustainable development, circular economy, chemistry, forensic science, customer oriented, ECOR panels specialist

Eric Logtens

Corporate director
Circular Economy

Highly motivated and driven, entrepreneurship, behavioural change, ergonomics, Cradle to Cradle, product development, circular economy

Ricardo Weigend

circular economy
business development

Driven, passionate,  influencer, enabler, activator, management, corporate sustainability, logistics, business modelling, resource efficiency, built environment

Giulia Viero

Circular Economy
Project Specialist

Highly motivated, curious, climate entrepreneurship, scaleup support,  positive community impact, sustainable development, circular economy

Sann Carriere

circular economy
business development

Driven, passionate, entrepreneurship,  information science, business modelling, design thinking, storytelling, open-innovation, pragmatic, circular economy

Bas Holla

TEChnology Management
ecor euroPE

Passionate, technical, commercial, community driven,  circular economy, built environment, asset management, process technology, program management 

Riet van de Steeg

R&D Scientist
ecor europe

Driven, passionate, pragmatic, researcher, physical chemistry, sustainable development, bio-based economy, paper and pulp specialist

Esmé Schouten

sales / customer service / logistics

Goal oriented, commercial, assertive, creative, teamplayer, customer oriented, venturous

Fred Dijckmanns


Creative, functional, bold, helpful, pragmatic, inventive, panel specialist

Allard van der Slikke

Human resources

Highly motivated, community driven, human resources, consultancy, negotiations, organisational science, program management  

John Smits


Finance, accountancy and controlling, administrative organisation, highly motivated, rigesteraccountant  

Susanne Peeters

FINANCIAL Administrator

Teamplayer, support, confidentiality, atmosphere creator, faithful, loyal

Tijn Logtens

Marketing and operational

Data science, interface design, content creation and management, circular economy enthousiast

Your name here?


We are ever-expanding and always looking for people with a burning circular economy ambition. If you’re a highly motivated proffesional then contact us  and we’ll let you know of any available positions.

Your name here?


We are constantly looking for driven students or professionals interested in an internship. Just reach out and let us know as  soon as possible.

Zehra Ali

advisor TO the board

Passionate about social entrepreneurship, , building technology, leadership, strategic planning, business modelling,  circular economy

Ben Croxford

advisor TO THE BOARD

Highly motivated, entrepreneurship, sustainable building design, indoor quality, computer engineering,  multidisciplinary research,  circular economy

Sietze Montijn

secretary to the board

Motivated, corporate affairs, communication, public affairs, brand and reputation management, trade associations, business development

Gerrit Bruggeman

supervisory board

Passionate about Cradle-to-Cradle, leadership, culture, strategy, change management, design, international business, circular economy

Barend Post

supervisory board

Driven, positive social impact, legal  counseling on  a.o. contract law, business law,  financial law, real estate, health care and sustainable energy, circular economy

Christopher Gann

supervisory board

Motivated, international management, emerging enterprises, chemical sector, bio-tech,  bio-manufacturing, plastic and chemical specialties and commodities

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