Chrysalix Venture Capital Opens Circular Office In ROBOVALLEY DELFT

When you walk into the circular office of Chrysalix it appears to be a nice and normal office. But that is far from the truth. Nothing is what is seems. All the furniture is 100% circular, made from waste fibres and healthy materials.

The healthy office space to work and feel at home At

Chrysalix and TRIBOO designed a healthy office, to work and feel at home. TRIBOO is a circular supply chain who converts waste streams with upcycling techniques into healthy and valuable circular design. Together we take responsibility for our raw materials. Instead of wasting or burning them, we use our offices and products as luxury warehouses.

#GREENGRIDZ waste panels, superlight, healthy and 60% lower CO2 emitting

In order to create this healthy workspace, the desks and other furniture were created using #GREENGRIDZ circular panels. The super light inner core of these panels is achieved by making a grid of waste cellulose fibres from recycled milk cartons. This core is then situated between two ECOR panels, creating a strong and very light structural panel. The amount of CO2 emitted in the creation of this panel is 60% lower compared to a regular desktop from chipboard and is simultaneously free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The proof is the CARB2 certification which is the highest standard for formaldehyde levels. At the end of the usercycle, the furniture can be returned to TRIBOO and the raw material value will be paid back to Chrysalix. TRIBOO and ECOR will create new panels from the returned material and create other circular products.

EverUse circular acoustic panel, the best sound absorption in the world

The acoustic panels between the desks are made by EverUse. Their upcycled paper waste has the highest acoustic absorption in the world. The constructions are modular so the value can be easily retained, and they can be reused at the end of life. In a mere 15 minutes, the EverUse panel can be recycled into EverUse panels again without the addition of new materials.

No glues and no screws with parametric models and friction joints

The meeting room table is made without any screws or glues. A 21st century digital technique based on traditional craftsmanship creates friction joints which makes it very easy to disassemble and reuse. All individual parts can be remade so the table can last for 1000 years. The chairs are made from recycled polypropylene and wood fibre.
On the bench the new X2 recycled polyester upholstery was used to make first steps on making soft seating a circular solution. The floor tiles are made from old fishing nets and the paint used on the walls is free of volatile organic compounds and made from lime and graphene with a cradle to cradle gold certificate.

Blown waste fibres create a lamp that is 250 times stronger than glass

And finally, the lamps are created by a 3D printer from old cd’s made from waste polycarbonate. Air is blown into the waste fibres and a lamp emerges which is 250 times stronger dan glass.

We build great companies focused on industrial innovation

Chrysalix is a global venture capital fund with a long history commercializing step-change innovation for resource intensive industries. They invest in intelligent systems, energy technology and resource productivity solutions to deliver outsized financial returns and environmental sustainability.
By teaming up with leading industrial companies and outstanding entrepreneurs, Chrysalix connects market driven problems to breakthrough solutions.

Large corporantions and start-ups need each other

Chrysalix collaborates closely with leading industrial companies to define problems that matter and that help their start-ups accelerate and scale by being potential customers or partners. In return, our partners gain a strategic window on solutions that can move the needle for their business.
For many large companies’ step-change external innovation, complementing internal R&D, has become a top priority. Chrysalix simplifies engaging with start-ups. Casting a broader net and leveraging our expertise and time, corporations can quickly identify innovation that matters to them.


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