European Urban Climate Change Action Plans: A Systematic Assessment​

Giulia Viero & Climate Change

Meet Giulia Viero, our Circular Economy and Climate Change Specialist.

After pursuing a research Master in Environmental Governance at Utrecht University, Giulia joined Noble Environmental Europe at the beginning of 2019.

She started in the Netherlands to work towards supporting Business Development efforts in India together with FMO, MVO Nederland, and many other international and local partners.

Last year, she became the lead of the Erasmus+ ScaleUp4Sustainability project at ECOR, co-developing new teaching modules in collaboration with academia and industry partners from Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

We are happy to share a link to freely access for 50 days a copy of her recently co-published paper assessing the level of integration between adaptation and mitigation to climate change in 147 European cities.

Globally, cities have emerged as leading climate change adaptation and mitigation actors.

However, existing research found that only a minority of urban areas consider both mitigation and adaptation in their climate action plans.

This paper reveals, amongst other results, that one of the main gaps of the evaluation and implementation of more integrated climate change actions in EU cities is the insufficient quantitative evaluation of the costs and funding schemes for the implementation of adaptation and mitigation actions.

Which capacity gaps do you envision in your city?

She wishes to thank Dr. Stelios Grafakos, Dr. Diana Reckien and all the colleagues for the remarkable learning opportunity as well as collaboration to this piece of work.

The full article is freely available here only for a limited time:

So please download and share this asap with others who might also be interested in grabbing a copy.

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