Breedweer & ECOR win Futureproof.match 2019

A sustainable solution for thousands of kilos of coffee grounds & used coffee cups.

What to do with 5,000 tons of used paper cups and 4 tons of coffee grounds? Breedweer Facility Services did not want to discard this ‘black gold’ as collected from its customers throughout the year.

Joining forces with ECOR, who develop circular products from waste; the cellulose from the coffee grounds and paper coffee cups are now being made into panels. Some fifty rooms have already been decorated with some 217,000 coffee ground panels. How circular!

The voters of the Futureproof.Match 2019 held the same opinion as they voted en masse for the match between Breedweer and ECOR. The greater part of the voters is convinced that this match will bring the new economy closer. Congratulations!

“If you are not willing to share, you can never multiply; by sharing with parties like ECOR we multiply our impact” – Jack Stuifbergen, Breedweer.


Every year, nominates three matches that lead to a collaboration. This year, in addition to the winners, Defense and i-did received a nomination with their ‘damaged clothing project’ and Talis & Crumble Development with their circular processing of ‘timber from rental housing’. The Futureproof.Match was announced at the MVO Netherlands New Year’s event on Jan 24th 2019. Besides stage time at the event, the winner receives advice from MVO Nederland on next steps and will be included in next year’s program.

This short movie describes the first steps in the process of turning fiber from coffee grounds and used paper cups into beautiful ECOR panels; Circular Economy Business Developer Navied Tavakolly shows how the fibers ‘stick’. (Dutch only)

The clip was recorded in close collaboration with partner Breedweer Facility Services, a social enterprise and  supplier of feedstock for ECOR panel production. As a specialist in facility services, Breedweer employs many with challenging job prospects and – due to its operational structure – can easily collect clean and homogeneous waste stream; paper cups and coffee grounds. A partner to be proud of!

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