#GREENGRIDZ - TRIBOO launches circular furniture panels using ECOR

#GREENGRIDZ is the product of Triboo’s circular economy ambition to create healthy, sustainable work environments.

#GREENGRIDZ is made by laser cutting and shaping FlatCOR panels into a GRID formation. This framework becomes the core for a strong structural panel. Which is made into a high-quality, healthy and lightweight structural panel.  As a result of the GRID system, the panels are 60% less heavy then the industry average. The system thereby reduces the CO2 emissions of transport. 

#GREENGRIDZ panels do not release any Volatile Organic Compounds, such as formaldehyde, guaranteeing a healthier workplace. The client gets reimbursed the material value of the panel at the end of the user cycle of a panel by means of a buy-back system. The panel can then either be reused or recycled if the quality has diminished below a certain standard.

For more information please send us an email in infobenelux@ecorbenelux.com 

Description: High quality circular furniture panels
Circular Base Materials: Cellulose fibres of multiple possible origins
Partnered with: Triboo
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