Frontrunners co-develop healthy and circular inner wall system

Located in the middle of the Randstad and overlooking Schiphol, office building ‘Pharos’ does not offer square meters of floor space, but cubic meters of healthy working space

Constructed in 2003, the building consists of a total of 22,000 mdivided over 19 storeys of high-rise and 6 floors of low-rise, Pharos is an office building that is being transformed into a professional healthy working community.

Pharos is equipped with the latest smart and sustainable technology, created by a network of dedicated partners, tenants, and suppliers. This network of partners has lead to the development of the first Circular Inner Wall (fig 1.):

“Europe’s Healthiest Work Community”

Graphenstone/EkotexQuickpanell, EverUse and ECOR met during the pitch event: “Europe’s Healthiest Work Community”, as hosted by Pharos. The parties soon discovered that their combined efforts would lead to a new product altogether. Where Quickpanell produces modular cardboard wall elements, EverUse makes insulation blankets from recycled paper. ECOR makes panels of compressed old paper, where no binders are used and therefore no harmful volatile organic components (VOCs) are emitted. Ekotex supplies circular, recyclable paint that absorbs CO2.

Thijs Zwakman of Quickpanell further explains the project in this video:

“During the pitches we got to know each other’s products”, says project manager Thijs: “I called ECOR’s Navied Tavakolly to make a trial wall with their panels, combined with our cardboard core and the EverUse insulation material.” Victor Franke of Ekotex suggested combining the four products into a completely finished circular Inner Wall.

Fig 2. Ekotex finished the wall with the circular paint on one side and laser printed text and logos on the other side.

The Inner Wall is a sturdy, high quality and fully reusable product, says Zwakman. “It is modular and remontable, allowing the set-up and appearance to be adjusted to the wishes of the user. You can arrange office space or create stand-alone meeting rooms. If the wall is no longer needed, it can be used in another location as an Inner Wall, or EverUse will take the insulation material back and the rest can be recycled for other paper-based products. “

The innovation will be shown as a showcase in Pharos. It is a beautiful innovation example that shows what early-stage collaboration may lead to. The wall fully meets the core values of zero waste, maximum health, total energy and a vibrant community that are paramount at Pharos.

For more information, please contact Navied Tavakolly via or visit: (Dutch only)

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