The Sustainable Exhibition Stand built with ECOR

Pistor, the Swiss bakery and catering company had decided to use recyclable and pollutant-free materials for their exhibition stand at the Swiss Trade Fair for Bakery, Patisserie and Confectionery Requirements (FBK) in 2016, as well as for several other events. Their choice of stand builder fell on Expomobilia. Expomobilia endeavors to create highly reusable, environmentally friendly exhibition stands. Consequently, in picking the materials to be used for the stand, it was decided that ECOR’s WaveCOR would be a perfect fit for the 300 square metre façade of the construction.

In designing the stand, attention was paid to several aspects that were deemed important towards the realisation of Pistor’s goal of CO2 neutrality and reusabilty, such as long service life and a high degree of reusable and recyclable materials that can be deployed several times over. Expomobilia attempts to achieve this neutrality by the following 3 step principle: minimise the unavoidable emission, energy-use and waste; replace pollutants with alternative materials, such as ECOR; compensate for unavoidable emissions by engaging in operations with myclimate projects.
By following these principles, Expomobilia had created a wonderful, minimal impact stand that completely lived up to Pistor’s requirements.

Description: A sustainable exhibition stand built with ECOR
Circular Base Materials: Cardboard packaging, newspaper and agricultural by-products
Partnered with: MCH Group’s Expomobilia 
Application ECOR panels: The 300 square metre façade of the expo stand
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