Design Tiger Bar made from spent grain ECOR panels at Jewel Building Changi Airport

In collaboration with Tiger Beer’s (Heineken Asia Pacific), ECOR co-created a premium product & brand experience at the first-in-the-world Tiger’s Den in the new Jewel Building on Changi Airport Singapore, which opened on the 17th of April 2019.

As one of Asia’s most well known brands involved in sustainability, Tiger Beer is continuously improving its practices. The design bar has been made out of Spent Brewer’s Grain (SBG) panels, a by-product from beer production converted to SBG panels with ECOR Technology. The SBG panels were specifically processed in collaboration with Heineken Global, the design of the bar was executed by Elmwood and its production by OP3 creative; a true co-creational process.

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Description: Bar for Tiger Beer’s first Tiger Den at the Jewel Building, Changi Airport Singapore
Circular Base Materials: Spent Brewer’s Grains
Partnered with: Tiger Beer, Elmwood, OP3 Creative
Application ECOR panels: Bar made of Spent Brewer’s Grain
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