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Soon to be opened:

ECOR Research & Development Facility

Recognising the embrace of the circular economy by leading companies and their demonstrated interest in ECOR technology in Europe, as well as the support of regional municipalities and important change-makers, NOBLE plans to invest heavily in ‘ELF’s: regional ECOR Living Factories.

To kick start this development, in 2018 we opened our Global R&D Facility and fast-prototyping lab in Venlo, The Netherlands (Noorderpoort).

NOBLE offers a ‘small batch’ service to large enterprises and manufacturers who wish to engage in the circular economy by prototyping an ECOR-based solution. This process starts with converting a small batch of their waste stream, from general operations or manufacturing, into ECOR-panels. This ECOR is then fabricated into materials or products best suited for either short-term material needs or to test viability for long-term and regular product development needs.

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