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Our Circular Design & Fabrication Services

Wide Format Printing

ECOR is an ideal substrate for signs, graphics, and displays. It offers greater strength, durability, and structure – often resulting in solutions that lower costs for materials, logistics, and installation. We can work with your vendors or ours to provide print solutions that are made from 100% recycled materials, designed to be 100% recyclable, and enable closed-loops.

Directional Signs – Floor Graphics – Indoor Signage – Lettering – Modular Displays – Office & Retail Graphics – Panel Displays – Point-of-Purchase Displays – Point-of-Sale Merchandising – Portable Displays – Stand-Ups – Trade Show Graphics – Wall Graphics

Furnitures and Fixtures

Furniture & Fixtures We are Cradle-to-Cradle design pioneers and at the forefront of using materials that are sustainable, clean and recyclable in the to develop furniture and fixture. We can work with your vendors or provide complete closed-loop FF&&E solutions, starting at the early stages of design, and ensure that materials are selected to meet sustainability goals and project budget. 

Activity & Dining Tables – Artwork & Accessories – Casegoods – Cashwraps – Cubicles & Dividers – Custom millwork – Desk & Console – Kiosks – Light & Heavy Duty Racking – Merchandise Displays – Seating & Chairs – Shelving SystemsSlatwalls

Architectural Interiors

Science of the built environment is our passion. We can work with your team to design, and re-design interiors following the spacial arts of environmental and circular design in a responsive and active manner, respecting the building skeleton while anticipating the human interactions within its boundaries.

Acoustics – Decorative Surfaces & Walls – Interior Non-load Bearing Walls – Window Coverings

We offer three types of solutions:

1. Basic ECOR panels
2. Standard decorative surfaces 
3. Custom solutions (which can be made from your own residual fibers) 

The best way to show you how ECOR adds value is by showing you the amazing creations by our community of business developers, designers and  craftsmen.

What is ECOR?

ECOR is an Advanced Environmental Composite Panel formed from the conversion of abundant cellulose fiber, pressure, and heat. ECOR is produced in 4’ x 10’ sheet in various thicknesses. Fibers are sourced from Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC), Old News Print (ONP), office waste, forest waste, agricultural fiber, and even bovine process fiber. ECOR enables waste materials, ordinarily burned or landfilled, to be converted into a strong and exceptionally versatile structural composite panel from which thousands of high performance, environmentally superior, non-toxic, clean and healthy products for a myriad of applications and markets can be fabricated.

ECOR was developed using principles of waste stream reduction and diversion with the goal of solving one of the world’s most challenging environmental problems – waste disposal and diversion. ECOR is made from waste fiber, water, and heat. That’s it.

It is 100% bio-based, 100% comprised of recycled waste materials, 100% recyclable, and is cradle-to-cradle compliant. Today, ECOR is available in a wide range of configurations from single and multi-ply panels to an extremely versatile range of three-dimensional assemblies. ECOR is also available in a variety of colors and with several treatments to enhance fire, acoustic, and moisture performance. ECOR has been used across a broad spectrum of industries and applications by some of the largest and most well-know global brands.

Technical Data

Green Building

Sustainability and green building have become an integral part of today’s society of designers. While applying sustainable technologies used to be pioneering work, sustainable construction has now become a way of life. We are convinced that sustainability will eventually become a universally shared value.

This effort is being led regional Green Building Councils, an independent associations that encourage sustainable building and issue the internationally renowned BREEAM and LEED certificates, which encourages sustainable measures and innovations for buildings, projects and land.

Interior Design & Construction

Combining inspirational finishes with superior performance and functionality, ECOR architectural panel products have become the reference point for design flexibility, performance, system integration, and ease of installation. ECOR panels are being used by leading architecture firms and manufacturers and of award-winning, sustainable building materials for the Architecture + Design industry. Both the simple and structural ECOR panels are available for purchase, alongside our our Alchemy product line of metallic painted panels. 

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