Sietze Montijn

Strategy & Corporate Affairs

Sietze Montijn is a highly experienced professional in Corporate Communication, Sustainability and Public Affairs with good communication skills and an effective network. Understands the value of the brand and the reputation of the company. Has a broad experience of working in trade associations Brewers of Europe, AIM, CIAA, Euromalt and ERT and working with international governmental organisations such as European Commission, WHO in Geneva and IMF and World Bank in Washington DC.

“Ecor has the potential of a truly sustainable technology providing an answer to the challenge of ending resources. It offers the possibility to develop and produce products in a totally different way.

My ambition is to bring together companies in Friesland to build the first Ecor factory using the momentum of Leeuwarden Culturele hoofdstad van Europa. Circular economy is of the the leading themes of their program.

In the development of the sustainability agenda of one of the leading international brewing companies over many years, I had to overcome many barriers. I am sure I can use that experience in my new position. Everything this young organisation faces is new; I feel privileged to work and build the business.”

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