ECOR material of choice in the FASHION FOR GOOD centre.

Gensler a widely recognized world leading collaborative design firm, as recommended by architect William McDonough, used ECOR as material of choice for sign and display elements in their environmental graphics at the Fashion For Good Centre in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Assigned by Gensler (London, UK) and in cooperation with Daan de Haan Design, Noble Benelux produced signage & display materials made from ECOR for the Fashion For Good Experience centre in Amsterdam.


“The Five Goods represent an aspirational framework we can all use to work towards a world in which we do not take, make, dispose, but rather take, make, remake,” – William McDonough of McDonough Innovation. “Fashion for Good is about transforming the industry from serving one generation to serving many generations.”

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Fashion for Good aims to promote the five essential “Goods” of a new, transformed fashion industry: Good Materials, Good Economy, Good Energy, Good Water, and Good Lives. In pursuit of this goal, Fashion for Good enables the fashion industry to embrace innovation, change its business models and adopt a totally new mindset.

Fashion for Good is a global initiative that reimagines how fashion is designed, made, worn, and reused. Through innovation and practical action, we demonstrate a better way for the fashion industry to work that allows companies, communities, and our planet to flourish.   


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